How to become a Hacker, Hipster or Hustler

Invitation for young females:

How to become a Hacker, Hipster or Hustler

An afternoon exploring future careers in technology and start-ups


Thursday 27 August 2015
 | 12 pm – 5 pm
Register to attend – more information below.


The London Escalator

69-89 Mile End Road


London E1 4TT


Ever considered a career in technology or a tech start-up? Barclays are hosting an afternoon workshop for 16-19 year old females to explore a range of different career options that are out there.

The event will feature keynote speakers from a number of careers in technology and start-ups, who will discuss their personal experiences and career path. Then, the audience will be split into small groups to participate in a fun workshop to learn more about the 3 roles that are vital in every tech start-up:

Hacker: The Hacker, aka Developer, is the technical brain behind the operation. She builds the product and makes sure that it actually works! She is a reliable coder, a programmer – a true computer whizz!

Hipster: The Hipster, aka Designer, is the creative genius. She can make any product look cool, to any audience. She designs the logo, creates the font and brings together the colour scheme. She is a visualiser, a graphic designer – a creative artist!

Hustler: The Hustler is the person who will make the company profitable, by ensuring the product can generate revenue, and by going out and selling it! She is there to ensure that the others in the team are focussed on the key question: how can we make money from this, and how can we get it in the hands of our customers? She is an extroverted networker who wants to ensure that everyone uses her product – a saleswoman through and through!


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Lunch and Networking


Inspiring talks from female founders
Talks from two females who have had very different experiences throughout their careers in technology and start ups


Careers in technology
An overview of some of the career options that are out there, and what hirers may be looking for


How to become a Hacker, Hipster or Hustler?
Split into small groups to participate in fun, hands-on workshops exploring each of these career paths

An opportunity for each team to briefly present the outcomes from the workshops


Opportunities: How to get more involved in technology
An overview of what you can do to get more involved in the technology scene, and other personal development opportunities including Barclays Lifeskills


Event Close
If you have any questions about this event, please contact:
Isabel Cooke
+44 (0)7552 213512


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