Good Reads for Reviewing 2014

We’re already two weeks in on the new year but I’m still catching up on reading after spending the holidays exploring Asia and taking my family around Singapore. Below outlines a summary of great articles reviewing startups funded and availability to VC funding in 2014.

Review the state of Early Stage VC Funding


Heat Death: Venture Capital in the 1980s

Jerry Neumann, early stage VC at nevus has published a very well written article on the history of venture capital. New insight into how we review and learn from the past.



The State Of Investments In Europe: A Review Of The Last 5 Years

Summarising the VC scene in Europe highlighting five points:

  • Seed-stage deals are gaining momentum
  • The funding gap starts at the seed round
  • The series A and B crunches are bigger in Europe
  • Less funding, longer burn for Series B in Europe
  • Speed of investments

The State of Investments in Europe Part II: A deeper dive into the core hubs of European Tech

Part two follows on with interesting data and facts on which European countries are in the lead of producing and funding tech startups.


These were the 20 biggest EU tech funding rounds of 2014

This summary is demonstrating that there’s definitely money floating around to fund tech startups growth.


A look back at 2014

A review of what the hottest startups were up to in 2014.




India’s 30 highest funded tech startups 2014

I hope you didn’t miss the alleged Apple cloned company Xiaomi’s insane fundraise in China

Xiaomi confirms $1.1 billion funding, now valued at $45 billion

Take a look back at 2014’s biggest series A funding rounds across Asia

As a final look back check out below infographic from @Techinasia’s article summarising Asia’s biggest series A rounds.

Thank you 2014 – onwards and upwards I welcome 2015!

Picture source can be found here.

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