It’s 2015 and we’ve launched Geek Girl Meetup Singapore

As I arrived in Singapore I had set my mind to build a team and launch Geek Girl Meetup here. Last Wednesday I could tick this box. With the theme of the evening being ‘It’s 2015 – Let’s Start Something’ we had three brilliant ladies presenting to an audience of over 80 Geek Girls.


Singapore is full of amazing women who are extremely driven and entrepreneurial both in- and outside the tech and digital scene. The event was the first ever in the newly opened co-working space The Working Capitol.









Jiawen Ngeow, founder of the marketplace Megafash, presented her four step guide to building a sustainable startup. Jiawen’s advice stretched further than just starting up, she covered the essence of building up and thinking about what you actually want your company to be as it’s growing.



Elisha Tan, founder of Learnemy, tackled the question so many of us ponder over: “Should I code?”.

Elisha Tan GGM SG



Elisha went from a psychology background into the world of tech and when she couldn’t find a technical co-founder she decided to hack it herself. A role model for all of us, Elisha built her MVP for Learnemy and got the proof of concept she needed to have the courage to pursue her business full time.

Elisha emphasised that there are many benefits knowing a bit of code when running a tech startup.

Why should you code?


If you’re thinking about learning to code you should check out Rails Girls Singapore a meetup group that Elisha helps running.


The wonderful Grace Clapham, founder of the Change School, wrapped up the startup stories of the evening. Grace not only shared her own story, but took the audience through a framework on how to think about personal change.

Grace Clapham

Grace Clapham Poster




As a final exercise Grace got the audience to outline their personal values, skills and challenges to guide the process of mapping out their steps for self improvement. It’s a great starting point when you’re looking at personal development.

(If you’re looking for some additional inspiration I can also recommend this video on adopting a ‘Get Better Mindset‘. Personally, I can be very impatient about change and I find that it helps to remind myself that it is a process. This has helped me incorporate positive change in my daily life.)

I believe that GeekGirl Meetup has the opportunity to reach out to a generation of GeekGirls in Singapore who are keen to explore the digital and technology industry, learn more about code, startups and design, and hopefully start something themselves.  Geek Girl Meetup Singapore have the opportunity to inspire people that do not start off in tech but with our encouragement we can help them end up there.

Katie Evans and Erica Hanson will run Geek Girl Meetup Singapore as I’m going back to London at the end of March this year.




It’s 2015 and I hope that the launch of Geek Girl Meetup Singapore will inspire to the launch of many other things as well!

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