Geeking It Out In Stockholm This Weekend

I’ve landed in Stockholm for my second GeekGirl Meetup weekend in Sweden. Last years geek out was a great success and there is a special feeling coming to Stockholm and participating here. Maybe because it was here it all started. Maybe because they have years of experience attracting the most inspiring girls. Or maybe because the Swedes just know how to geek it out.

Intro GGM12
Intro GGM12


Stickers GGM12
Stickers GGM12

This year the theme is Space, a bit different from previous themes. Browsing through the speaker programme I’ve already highlighted my must see presentations.

Same as last year, the event is held at the Technical Museum. It’s an amazingly inspiring environment and walking in between the rooms and inspiring talks you come across the stories of inventions such as the dish washer (check out the insides of one here), computers, bicycles and many other things.


bikes tekniska museetet
Tekniska museet Stockholm

With an early start tomorrow to help the Swedish GeekGirls set up I’m overwhelmingly excited for the busy and inspiring weekend. Check in for more updates!



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