Apps That Makes You Love Your To-Do Lists

Finding the right tools to keep a team and yourself organised can be difficult as there is hundreds of alternatives out their. I’m a big fan of lists and after trying a number of applications I wanted to recommend two great ones: Wunderlist and Clear. The first one probably more suitable for team use and the other a pure joy to use regularly and I will explain why further down.

Wunderlist is a task management application for your computer as well as it seamlessly syncs with your phone. It helps you be more efficient and structured when you have many projects in the pipeline. The lists can be organised in different categories and they can be shared with others, so it’s great when you’re working in a team.

I started using it to organise my daily and weekly tasks but quickly started to create lists for other things such as stuff I want to learn, movies I want to watch and books to read. I even got a list for lists I want to make.

The app has a number of smart features such as adding notes and setting due dates so you get notifications on the day tasks are due. It also compiles all the due dates from your different lists in a smart ‘today’ list so no lists or tasks with a due date gets forgotten. I don’t have many complaints about this app the only feature I would add is the ability to create subtasks. That can help to prioritise the order things should be executed in. It is not a must but it would be an awesome addition to an already great application. I’m eagerly waiting for updates.

The second application is Clear.

An iPhone app I can’t resist using because of its beautiful user interface. Every interaction is an intuitive swipe that makes me sing a little with joy and encourages me to come back for more. My main use is to create specific to-do lists, planning my grocery shopping and lists for evenings of fun. With this app I like to do lists where I know I will be swiping to add and then swiping to remove. The more swiping the happier it makes me.

If you have any recommendations for great productivity tools let me know – I’m always open to try them out.

Swiping out.



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